Lowes Food Survey to Help You Win $100!

One of the best ways to understand your company’s performance is by providing your customers with a platform to speak, share their opinions, share their thoughts and more regarding what they experienced on their recent trip. And so, Lowes Food is going just the same thing. They have offered a Lowes food Survey that gives their audience a chance to express how they felt and tell the company about how satisfied they were when they last visited. This survey forum will then help in enhancing the ability of the company to reach the heights and it can also motivate them to value to opinions of the customers. So, let’s see how you can take this survey.

lowes food

Lowes Food is a chain of grocery stores located mainly in United States of America. Lowes Food was discovered back in 1954 by Jim Lowe. With its headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States of America this grocery chain has its online booking available to customers as well. Lowes Food has its chain of groceries in many states including Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Lowes Food Survey Reward

When you will complete giving your feedback to Lowes Food survey, you will get something amazing in return. This is Lowes Food’s way of thanking you for your participation, time, and effort in helping them becoming a better service for you. And so you will be entered into a lucky draw. This draw will allow you to win $100 gift card to be spent at Lowes Food. And do not worry, there is a high chance you can win this prize because this draw occurs monthly.

Lowes Food Survey

Taking the survey is a very quick and easy procedure but first you should understand all the rules:

  • The first thing you must do is make sure that you have recently visited and purchased from Lowes Food store in your local area. This will give you the survey invitation.
  • Then make sure you are of legal age to take this survey.
  • Make sure your device has an active internet connection and functions without glitches.

Now, let’s take the survey:


  • Firstly, you will click here to enter the survey page.
  • Then select preferable language.
  • Then enter your survey invitation code from your receipt.
  • Enter the amount of purchase.
  • Enter the date of purchase and time.
  • Now begin rating and answering questions about the staff, the items, the ambiance and more.
  • Submit and enter the draw!

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