Access Pepsi Strike Gold Sweepstakes To Win Rewards!

Now a taste of Pepsi Cola will not only refresh you but it would get you rewarded. Yes, you have read that right now you can get rewarded for just having your favorite drink. One of the best things is that Pepsi is now coming out with big prizes for its customers. Now just by taking part in the Pepsi Strike Gold Sweepstakes you are most likely to win multiple tickets to watch your favorite teams play in the Super Bowl. Besides that, experience Gatorade Media Night, or Pepsi Friday Night Live and you also have a chance to win thousands of other prizes. So if you are a loyal customer that purchases products from PepsiCo, or Anheuser-Busch products this is the thing you have been waiting for. So the next time you buy one of these products make sure to look for sweepstakes and win big prizes. You could give it a try right now! Members that win will receive their code and prompts on how to claim on the scratch card or catalina voucher.

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Requirements for Pepsi Strike Gold Sweepstakes

Following are the requirements which you must fulfill before taking the program:

  • First of all you should have a device or computer and a stable internet connection. So you can visit the website.
  • You also must understand english or spanish because that is the language in which the website is.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older than that.

Guide to Pepsi Strike Gold Sweepstakes

The promotion provides winners with fabulous prizes. This article is designed to help guide you to successfully enter the sweepstake codes and win big prizes. The promotion provides winner with Super Bowl tickets to watch their favorite team in action and thousands of other epic prizes. Below is a short list of the potential prizes you can win from the Pepsi Strike Gold sweepstakes:

  • Now you have the chance to visit Super Bowl T-shirt, hats, helmets, tickets
  • Enjoy 2 tickets to the NFL experience with your best friend or loved one.
  • Also winners can get 2 tickets to the Gatorade Media Night
  • Or you can just decide to take your loved one or best friend to Pepsi Friday Night Live once you win 2 tickets.

Also checkout Pepsi Strike Gold Sweepstakes

  • Super bowl helmets and tickets
  • Win 2 tickets to the NFL experience
  • Or 2 tickets for the Gatorade Media Night
  • 2 tickets to DirecTV night
  • Get a chance to meet Joe Montana


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About PepsiCo

PepsiCo was created in 1965 since when Pepsi has grown from a world famous soft drink brand to one of the world’s most iconic and recognized American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation globally with headquarter located in New York. Today, the Pepsi portfolio includes three products – Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi MAX.

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